Value Chain

Our core competence is the wet services sector and to add real value to our customers. We have various companies within our value chain to service the needs of the plumber and civil services contractors

Independent Plant Hire PTY Ltd is the result of the industries need for a focused and specialized Plant Hire company.  IPH specialize in hire and sale of Plant, Small Tools Fixings and Fasteners and a range of PPE and safety equipment for the plumbing Industry.

The company is divided into 3 parts: 

  1. Retail Department
  2. Hiring Department
  3. Service Department  

IPH's understanding of having the right tool for the job and the industries requirements for quality has resulted in a working relationship with the top brands such as Geberit, Hilti, Rothenberger and Plastiweld.  Our fleet of plant and equipment grows daily to meet our customers’ requirements. IPH are proud to announce that we are the certified service partners for all servicing and repairs of All Geberit and Novopress tools.

IPH has expanded its national footprint and are now located in Cape Town as well as Johannesburg.

For further information, please contact Tasha either via email: or phone on (011) 029 0790/1.

Manufactured Plumbing Services is a prefabrication company that manufacture repetitive products and specials for the plumbing sector. The off-site Manufacture of repetitive components results in consistent quality, labour savings and the reduction of waste and scrap components manufactured for the wet services sector and plumbing solutions.

Manufactured Plumbing Services offers:

  • Special fittings for drainage in PVC and HDPE
  • Transition adaptors for clay and asbestos piping to modern materials from 110mm to 550mm dia
  • Prefabricated PVC and HDPE Stacks.
  • Water meter and PRV manifolds for Multi storey accommodation Blocks
  • Repetitive mixer and piping components
  • Oil and Grease interceptors
  • PRV and valve stations from 20mm to 300mm dia
  • Hydrants and Booster sets
  • Special Brackets
  • Any other Plumbing Related Specials 

For further information, please contact Zoran on 

Max-Form is a paperless project management tool which was developed out of necessity to be able to have real time access to progress on contracts and to record the contractual issue on sites

Through the use of Max-Form the following old paper processes, recapturing and filing for later use are automatically processed with the use of the Max-Form platform

  • Real-time, date-stamped and Geotagged documents are produced from any smart phone or device using prepopulated forms from our form library or designed to the user’s requirements allow for instant processing filing and record keeping.
  • All the Forms are accessible through the WWW and various levels of access can be given to users.
  • The forms automatically trigger notifications based on predetermined criteria, delays, info required, non-conformance or critical milestones. 

The following manual paper process are replaced with digital searchable date time Geo-tagged documents with photos

  • Induction and employment forms
  • Tool registers and inspection records
  • Site diary
  • Progress Forms
  • Quality control forms
  • Snagging and inspections

Each form is designed to record any predetermined notification that has a contractual implication or that requires action. Emails are automatically sent to parties that require action to be taken for example delays, rock, information required, contra charges, etc. Once the initial triggers are set as the form is completed it will send a copy of the form to the relevant persons for action along with the photos and information.

Max-Form is used for recording quality, production and is invaluable in the development, training and discipline of the work force.

For more information, please visit the Max-form website at, or email on

Umphakathi Development is a Specialised Skills Development Company focusing on the creation, support and mentoring of sustainable new enterprises in the wet services sector.

Umphakathi are accredited trainers for:  

  • Geberit installers of HDPE drainage systems and water reticulation systems
  • Friatec HDPE Electrofusion     

To overcome the skills shortage in our sector and address the BEE challenges, Umphakathi have a co-operative module whereby we recruit candidates from local communities. We take them through a two-year training and mentor-ship programme to create viable and sustainable enterprises. They then are highly skilled in installing specialist plumbing and infrastructure products in accordance to the SANS regulations, and more importantly, to the manufactures specifications and application techniques.

The training is to European standards, is closely monitored and supported by our supply partners. We cover every aspect from statutory compliance, finance, pricing, health and safety, and the correct installation methods as required by manufacturers. The co-operatives are fully equipped with all the plant and equipment they require to undertake the work and are paid on an outcomes basis. The Quality and progress is controlled with the aid of the paperless project management platform Max-Form.

The key to using the co-operatives:

  • Properly trained, skilled and motivated self-employed individuals
  • Paid on an outcomes basis
  • Only paid for quality work
  • Re-work is at their cost
  • Accountability and quality ensured through real-time monitoring and systems       

On completion of the 2 year mentorship the co-operatives will be independent and will progress to being able to open their own Proprietary Limited company.

For more information, please contact Gerard on